Jan 6-10

2019/2020 Rowan County Middle School Lesson Plan

Week of: January 6-10

Teacher: Mark Kidd

Subject: Science

PLAN:  (a)Goal Objective/(b)Learning Target

Standard being taught/assessed:


LS3.A: Inheritance of Traits

LS3.B: Variation of Traits



Pre-Planned Questions: What are genes?

                                                How did you get you physical characteristics?

                                               Why do you look similar to you parents by not identical?

                                               How are traits determine for the offspring?








DO: Instructional activities each day (How will they learn it)






Bell Ringer:

Review previously covered material before Christmas Break.

Oral discussion, practice punnett quares.



Bell Ringer:

Continue with learned and inherited traits.

I can describe the role of genes/chromosomes in the passing of information from one generation to another

Baby Face Activity showing how traits are passed on genes.


Bell Ringer:

Continue with Baby Face activity.

Probability, Dominate, Recessive, Homozygous, Heterozygous, Phenotype, Genotype



Bell Ringer:

Section test review


Bell Ringer

Section test using








Assessment(How Can We Measure That They’ve Learned It)

Interventions:  (What steps are in place if they haven’t learned it)

Based on assessment data - student specific.

Tutoring, Review, shorting test

Specific Skills (non-negotiables) standard and student need specific

Vocabulary Focus/Word Wall (Critical Vocabulary)

Probability, Dominate, Recessive, Homozygous, Heterozygous, Phenotype, Genotype

Punnette Square





















Differentiated Instruction:  (How do we go deeper if they’ve already learned it) How are we pushing for growth? Extensions and variations





Study: (Data driven decisions) What does the data tell you?  What do you need to reteach? )  Share bi-weekly in PLC and do it





Act: (Continuous improvement/How will we do it differently next week?)  This should be included in your next PDSA/Lesson Plan.  What do the students say worked?  What Didn’t work?  Share bi-weekly in PLC