Dec 2-6

2019/2020 Rowan County Middle School Lesson Plan

Week of: December 2-6

Teacher: Mark Kidd

Subject: Science

PLAN:  (a)Goal Objective/(b)Learning Target –    MS-LS1-4                                               

Standard being taught/assessed:


Use argument based on empirical evidence and scientific reasoning to support an explanation for how characteristic animal behaviors and specialized plant structures affect the probability of successful reproduction of animals and plants respectively. [Clarification Statement: Examples of behaviors that affect the probability of animal reproduction could include nest building to protect young from cold, herding of animals to protect young from predators, and vocalization of animals and colorful plumage to attract mates for breeding. Examples of animal behaviors that affect the probability of plant reproduction could include transferring pollen or seeds, and creating conditions for seed germination and growth. Examples of plant structures could include bright flowers attracting butterflies that transfer pollen, flower nectar and odors that attract insects that transfer pollen, and hard shells on nuts that squirrels bury.]



Pre-Planned Questions: How do plants reproduce?

                                                 What’s the difference between a monocot and dicot?

DO: Instructional activities each day (How will they learn it)






Bell Ringer:

Review for test over section.



Bell Ringer:

Section Test:




Bell Ringer:

Finish test and review.



Bell Ringer:

Begin .


Bell Ringer

Review web quest







Assessment(How Can We Measure That They’ve Learned It)

Interventions:  (What steps are in place if they haven’t learned it)

Based on assessment data - student specific.

Specific Skills (non-negotiables) standard and student need specific

Vocabulary Focus/Word Wall (Critical Vocabulary)






















Differentiated Instruction:  (How do we go deeper if they’ve already learned it) How are we pushing for growth? Extensions and variations





Study: (Data driven decisions) What does the data tell you?  What do you need to reteach? )  Share bi-weekly in PLC and do it





Act: (Continuous improvement/How will we do it differently next week?)  This should be included in your next PDSA/Lesson Plan.  What do the students say worked?  What Didn’t work?  Share bi-weekly in PLC