2019-2020 Lesson Plans


2019/2020 Rowan County Middle School Lesson Plan

Week of: Aug 26-30

Teacher: Mark Kidd

Subject: 7th Science

PLAN:  Students will use microscopes to view living and non-living samples.  Students will view prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms.  Students will create a model that describes the function of a cell.

Target –   I can investigate to provide evidence that living things are made of cells.  I can develop and use a model to describe the function of a cell.                                                          

Standard being taught/assessed: :  07-LS1-1Investigate to provide evidence living things are made of cells.  07-LS1-2 Develop a model to describe the function of a cell.

  1. Pre-Planned Questions: (2-3)What are similarities and differences between plant and animal cells?  What sort of pattern do you see when viewing the prepared slides?   Describe how the cell functions like a city of factory?

DO: Instructional activities each day (How will they learn it)






Bell Ringer:

Students will complete summative assessment of experimental design




Bell Ringer: What is purpose of a microscope?

Students will begin learning the parts and functions of a microscope.

To practice the will look at various pre made slides.



Bell Ringer:

When viewing a specimen in the lab which objective lens should you begin with?


Students will make slides of an onion skin and their cheek cells. They will sketch these and complete a discussion question concerning what they viewed.




Bell Ringer:


Students will create slides using skin cells from the inside of their cheeks and between their toes.


Bell Ringer


Students will look at samples of pond water to look for single celled organisms.






Assessment(How Can We Measure That They’ve Learned It)

Interventions:  (What steps are in place if they haven’t learned it)

Based on assessment data - student specific.


Specific Skills (non-negotiables) standard and student need specific.

Prove that organism are made of cells.


Vocabulary Focus/Word Wall

(Critical Vocabulary)

Microscope (parts)





























Differentiated Instruction:  (How do we go deeper if they’ve already learned it) How are we pushing for growth? Extensions and variations





Study: (Data driven decisions) What does the data tell you?  What do you need to reteach? )  Share bi-weekly in PLC and do it





Act: (Continuous improvement/How will we do it differently next week?)  This should be included in your next PDSA/Lesson Plan.  What do the students say worked?  What Didn’t work?  Share bi-weekly in PLC

Reteach and redesign