Muscular System

Muscular System Review

Your intestines and esophagus are made of this type of muscle.

There are over 600 of these in a human body.

Muscles help your body parts __________________ by being attached to bone.

Your muscles help your body produce _________to maintain an internal temperature.

Your muscles help to transport _______________ through your body to deliver oxygen.

Your __________ is a strong muscle that helps in the transport of blood.

This muscle helps in our process of breathing.

Muscles help in the protection of your body’s internal ____________.

This class of muscles are attached to bone and aid in the movement of your body parts.

This class of muscles are designed for slow and smooth movement.

These muscles are muscles that you can control.

Muscles with ____________ have the ability to stretch.

These muscles are muscles that you cannot control.

You have over 400 of this class of muscles.

These muscles are long with many nuclei.

Strip structures on muscles are called ______________.

These muscles are used to control blood flow.

These muscles are considered the strongest type of muscles.

Cardiac muscles have only one __________ in their cells.

Cardiac and smooth muscles are classified as __________ muscles.

These muscles can stay contracted for a long period of time and have no striations.

A skeletal muscle works by _________________.

Muscle cells are made of many _______________.

Myofibrils are connected to a ____________ ____________.

The nerve cells release a chemical called __________________________.

Neurotransmitters stimulate the entire muscle to__________________.

Muscles work in ______________.

When two muscles work in as a pair, one will contract while the other will ____________.

Tendons attach muscle to _______________.