2013 Cell Organelle Quiz Study Guide

Cell Organelle Quiz

1. A cells genetic material is found in its __________________. Chromatin

2. Identify two organelles found in plant cells but not in animal cells. Cell Wall, Chloroplast, Large Vacoule 

3. The grain-like organelles that produce proteins for the cell are called.   Ribosomes

4. The jelly-like region between the cell membrane and teh nucleus that contains various organelles is the _____________________. Cytoplasm 

5. The organelle nicknamed the clean up crew because they break down warn out or damaged organelles and other debris are called the _________________. Lysosomes

6. Organelles that have the job of storing waste, water and other substances within the cell are called ____________________. Vacuoles

7. The organelle that controls what enters and leaves the cell is called the ____________________ _____________________. Cell Membrane

8. The cell wall found in a  plant cell is made of a ridged material called ________________________. Humans and most animals have trouble digesting this material.   Cellulose

9. The green pigment found in plant cells is located in the ___________________ of a cell. Chloroplast 

10. Tiny structures that carrry out specific functions within the cell are called _______________________. Organelles

11. The cell is teh basic unit of ______________________ and _______________________ in living things. Structure and Function

12. The post office of the cell that recieves and packages material form the Endoplasmic Reticulum and sends them out ot other parts of the cell is ______________________  _____________________. Golgi Bodies

13. The control center of the cell that controls all functions incluoding reproduction is the __________________. Nucleus

14. The _______________________ is the organelle that produces ribosomes. Nucleolus

15. This organelle transports materials to different parts of the cell.  Endoplasmic Reticulum

16. This organelle controls what enters and leaves the nucleus. Nuclear Membrane

17. The green pigment found in plant cells is called __________________________. This pigment is responsible for capturing light during ________________________.  Chlorophyll, Photosynthesis

18. All living organisms have living levels within their bodies. What are the levels of organization within your body? Cells, Tissues, Organs, Organ Systems, Organism

19. The cell theory states: Cells come from cells, Cells are the basic units of structure and function in living things, 

20. What is the basic unit of structure and function within a dog? Cell

21. The organelle that produces energy for the cell is the ________________________. Mitochondria 

22. A bacterial cell is different from other cells in that they don't have a ________________. Nucleus

23. As you get older your cells __________________________________.  Stay the same size 

24. Cells are found in ___________________ and ________ ____________ organisms. Living and once Living