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5th Grade Week #18 Music Lesson Jan 24-28

Music Teacher: Julia Hargis                                     Grade level: 5

Instructional Activities:

I am learning and reviewing about the four instrument families of the orchestra and how they are played and their special tone colors. 



Instructional Activities:


  1. Review from last week. 

  2. We will play a few rounds of instrument bingo as teams. Students will identify what each instrument is by listening to the tone color played. 

  3. Students will identify instrument cards and will partner up with someone to play “Instruments of the Orchestra” scavenger hunt. Students will get 10 minutes to try and locate each instrument card, name the instrument and the family it belongs to. 

  4. If time allows, we will play instrument jeopardy in groups. 

  5. Review, good listener.

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