2nd Grade Music Class  

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Week #18: 2nd Grade- Jan 24-28

Music Teacher: Julia Hargis                                     Grade level: 2nd

I am learning to use a parachute to recognize the musical form of music from the Nutcracker. 


MU:Pr5.1.2b., MU:Pr6.1.2 

Instructional Activities:

1.       “It’s Time for Music Class” song.

2.  Continue “Mallet Madness.” Review over the different instruments and techniques used: glissando, alternating hands, hands together, and tremolo. 

3. We will finish up, “1-2 Buckle My Shoe” alternating instruments and techniques used.

4. Introduction to activity and song, “2468.” Students will play rhythm cards for the song in order. WE will then add body percussion to the poem. Then, we will move to the instruments, changning how we perform each measure. 

Extension: Have students come up with new performances of their own and play for the class. 

5. Introduction to “Icka Back Boo” song and activity.

We will start with a partner clapping game. After the game, we will move to instruments and add instrumentation to the song, using broken 5th borduns and high and low parts of the instruments. Students will switch parts and continue rotating through the instruments.

6. Review, good listener and line up song. 


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