1st Grade Music Class   

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Hello! I will be posting our 1st grade music lessons on this page. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Week #18: 1st Grade-Jan 24-28    

Music Teacher: Julia Hargis                                     Grade level: 1st 

I am learning to identify and play a variety of unpitched percussion instruments (wood, metal, membrane,scraper/shaker). 

I am learning how sound is made and proper playing technique for unpitched percussion. 



MU:Pr6.1.1 , MU:Cn11.1.1, MU:Cr1.1.1


Instructional Activities:

1.       “It’s Time for Music Class” song.

2. Review: We have been discussing all about unpitched classroom percussion instruments and all the sounds they can make. Also, what they are made of and how they make sound: shakers/scrapers, wood, metal, drums(membranes). 

3. We will continue to use a variety of instruments during performances. We will review from last week, “Let Everyone Play.” We listened to woods, metals, drums and shakers/scrapers. This time, we are going to all play together and listen for changing dynamics(loud/soft) and tempo(fast/slow) to a new song: “Play, Play, Play Along.” (musicplay)

Pay attention to some of our musical opposites we have talked about.

4. Next, we will switch out some instruments and make sure everyone has either a drum, guiro, shaker, or bell. We will be learning the song, “Drums are Drumming” (musicplay).  

5. If time allows, we will play a game that will help students with identifying the tone color of the instruments by just listening: “Yum Yum” interactive game or musicplay bingo.

6. Review, good listener and line up song.                          



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