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Hello! I will be posting my kindergarten music lesson on this page. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Week #18: K Grade- Jan 24-28

Music Teacher: Julia Hargis                                     Grade level: K

I am learning about musical opposites and how to identify them: loud/soft and fast/slow. 



MU:Pr4.2.K, MU:Re8.1.K, MU:Pr4.3.K, MU:Cn11.1.K

DA:Cr1.1.Ka. and b., DA:Cr2.1.K b., DA:Cr3.1.KDA:Pr4.1.Kb. c. 


Instructional Activities:

1.       “It’s Time for Music Class” song.

2.  We will review from the last music class and start with a couple bell ringer loud/soft activities. 

(Quiet Loud Dance Party and Forte Piano Freeze Dance-youtube)

3.Introduction to new musical opposites: fast and slow. 

We will begin with a read aloud book: “Fast Fox and Slow Snail” (Early Bird Readers- youtube)

After the book, students will be asked a few questions:

What are some things around us that move fast? What are some things that move slow? 

We will talk about all these different things and how music can be one of those things as well! Music can move fast and music can move slow!

4. We will sing a song called, “Dance Real Fast and Slow.” Students will use different body movements: dance, skip, hop, tiptoe, jump to move fast or slow. Students will be creative with their movements and be listening to the music to know the speed. Students will use creativity in their movement. 

5. If time allows, I will pass out scarves and we will be listening to a variety of music, listening for those moments where the music moves from fast to slow or slow to fast. Students will be using different levels of movement and will be using general space to move in. 

6. Good listener and line up song. 


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