Emergency Sub Materials

If I am absent, I will leave a video series entitled Composers' Specials in the tray under my podium stand. Please give each student the appropriate worksheet for each video, and instruct them to complete the worksheets as they view the videos. In the event that I am absent, I will do my best to find a substitute who is musically trained. If the sub is musically trained, or in the event that a private lesson teacher or small group instructor is present,  they should carry out the rehearsal plans that are posted on each classroom page for that date. Otherwise, please view the DVDs that go with the worksheets provided.

Please take attendance and mark any absentees on the rosters sitting on the main podium. Send with a student to the attendance office.

Opprating the multimedia -

Press the computer button on the elmo document camra, turn on the Peavey Amplifier and turn up the main volume and channel 5 to about 9 O'Clock. Turn on the Atlas Mixer/Amplifier - channel 2 adjusts the computer volume.

The small white remote turns on the projector. Use the Power DVD DX software in the start up menue on the PC to view DVDs.