NTI information 3-24 through 4-20

     Hope everyone is well.  I have set up a google classroom and need for you to try to join as soon as possible. The code you need to join is s2x3exc.  If you do not have access to a computer then you will be given a hard copy of the science homework on Monday, March 30.  Monday is also the due date for your first packet to be finished. The next packets will be at the bottom of this page and google classroom if you can join. The assignments are listed below.

We have learned the types of heat transfer (convection, conduction, radiation) and types of energy. (Mechanical, potential and kinetic). The new packet is about the rock cycle and discusses how heat and mechanical energy affect rocks causing them to go through a repeating cycle. (THE ROCK CYCLE).

 Answer the questions on a blank sheet of paper if you don"t have a hard copy of the assignment.  These are due on April 20th.  My phone number is 606-356-7863 if you have any questions.

These are the assignments for the next two weeks.


Monday, April 13th
Hope you had a good Easter. Today's work is a review of how energy is gathered through photosynthesis and what cells do with the energy. Read the questions before you read the passage in order to active some prior knowledge. Then read the passage and answer the questions on the two pages. Remember to watch a photosynthesis video on brainpop or Khan Academy to help with understanding. Call or text or email if you have questions. 6063567863


Thursday April 2nd and Friday April 3rd

Consider what types of energy is required for rocks to cycle from one type to another. What are the three types of rocks (Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary) and what processes formed them Quiz yourself from time to time.
Read section 4 for today and tomorrow. The section is longer but all the answers are in the reading passage so interact with the text and this should not be too difficult. Answer the review questions at the end of the passage.
Don't forget about the PHET simulator and brainpop if you have free time or want to review.
Hope everyone is fine. Contact me if you need anything. 6063567863

Tuesday March 31st
Tuesday March 31st is the last day to drop off packets. Tell your families we appreciate their patience as we work through implementing our NTI program. We are learning everyday and hope that you are as well. Read section 2 today. Answer the questions on a separate piece of paper. The answers are in the reading. Think about yesterdays content and try to think about what a rock is and do they cycle into the three different types. Text call or email if you need something.

If you have access to brainpop watch the rock cycle video. (username is morehead : password is rowan)

Monday, March 30th----(Read pages 51 through 55 of the rock cycle and answer the take a look questions as you read. Answer questions on page 56 using the reading passage as a guide.)

Tuesday, March 31st----(Read pages 57,58,59 called igneous rock and answer the take a look questions as you read. Answer the questions on page 60 using the reading passage as a guide.)

Wednesday, April 1st----(Read pages 61,62,63 called sedimentary rock and answer the take a look questions as you read. Answer the questions on page 64 using the reading passage as a guide.)

Thursday, April 2nd and Friday April 3rd----(Read pages 65,66,67,68,69 called metamorphic rock and answer the take a look questions as you read. Answer the questions on page 70 using the reading passage as a guide.)

Monday, April 13th----(Read page called photosynthesis: Critical Reading. Answer the questions at the bottom of page 1 and the top of page 2.

Tuesday, April 14th----(Use a straightedge to make a graph and graph the data on the bottom of page 2.) Graph should have a title, labels for the x and y axis, the numbers on each axis should be distributed across the entire graph and be of equal amounts.

Wednesday, April 15th----(Read the passage called Tissues, Organs & Systems. Answer questions to the right of the reading passage.)

Thursday, April 16th----(Read the passage called Respiration. Answer multiple choice questions about the passage)

Friday, April 17th----(Answer the 17 fill in the blank questions on page about respiration)


Photosynthesis & Respiration NTI DAYS 11-20 Packet