Classroom rules and procedures

 I am committed to making my classroom a safe and challenging environment and engaging my students through the curriculum as well as getting to know them and interacting with them one-on-one. I believe that meeting the needs of my students is a very crucial part of my classroom. I want them to be comfortable with the other students, as well as me, so that there can be meaningful discussions and interactions. Talking will be common place in my classroom, along with group work. I want to encourage all students to participate in class so that they can learn from each other as well as me. I want to have a democratic and equitable classroom so that students can learn. I want to be a fair as I can be, so the students trust me.


 Classroom Rules

The best rule that I have heard and I would believe to be my attitude towards classroom rules is that I need a classroom where learning takes place, and if we can respect each other then we don’t need any other "rules." I absolutely believe in keeping a safe environment where put-downs and name calling is not allowed–this also falls under respect. If I can have respect for my students as well as having them respecting each other, I believe this leads to a safe environment where learning can take place. I am not a stickler for gum chewing or eating and drinking as long as it does not interfere with learning and doesn’t make a mess. I would like to give my kids the freedom to eat or drink as long as they are responsible for their trash and mess. If it gets out of control, I will let them know that the privilege will be taken away, right from the beginning.  I would prefer if students go to the restroom during the first few minute of class.  If a student doesn't abuse this privilage then I understand that restroom breaks are a necessity. I require that students raise their hands in order for communication to occur and be effective.  Every opinion is valued in my room and I expect each idea to be treated as such.  Please ask questions if you don't understand a concept or idea.  I encourage questions and I am not irritated by trying to explain things in different ways or many times.