New administrative staff members named

Board members with new administrators

When Superintendent John Maxey took the reins of the Rowan County School District in July 2018, he announced that he would not be naming an assistant superintendent for the first year to allow him time to get to know the district, its staff and students.  Now, with his first year successfully completed, Supt. Maxey has decided that it was time for the district to have a “second-in-command” or Assistant Superintendent.


“I am pleased to announce that Ms. Julia Rawlings will be joining us beginning July 1, 2019 as Rowan County Schools’ new Assistant Superintendent,” said Mr. Maxey.  “She comes to us with a vast amount of experience, working with school districts and with the Kentucky Department of Education as an Education Recovery Director.”


When asked what qualities she will be bringing to Rowan County Schools as the Assistant Superintendent, she answered, “I am a passionate and dedicated educator with administrative leadership experience at all levels of the K-12 system.  I have the firm belief that student achievement is maximized when teachers are empowered to lead.”


Ms. Rawlings, who has 26 years of experience working in the public education field,  comes to Rowan County Schools from the Fleming County School District where she has been on loan to the Kentucky Department of Education working with several school districts throughout eastern Kentucky as an Education Recovery Director.


Supt. Maxey stated, “Ms. Rawlings’ primary role will be to supervise instruction and curriculum throughout the district.  With her background, I am sure that we can expect great things for this District.”




After meeting with and being interviewed by members of the Clearfield Elementary Site-Based Decision-Making Committee, Alexa Hardin was selected as the new principal of Clearfield Elementary.  (The former principal, Misty Litton, requested to return to a classroom teaching position, giving her more time to spend with her family.)  When students and staff return to Clearfield Elementary School in August, Ms. Hardin will be a smiling new face greeting the students as the new school year begins.


Ms. Hardin comes to Rowan County School from the Fleming County School District where she had been teaching at Flemingsburg Elementary School for the past four years.


While taking an administrative position will be something new to Ms. Hardin, she stated, “I am so excited to begin this new adventure as principal of Clearfield Elementary School. The students and staff already have some great systems in place, and I cannot wait to compliment those.  I know that it will be a great year at CES.”


She then added, “Clearfield Elementary already has some great systems in place, but my immediate plans for CES are to focus on student safety, academic achievement, and insuring all students and staff members grow and achieve at their highest potential.”


Superintendent John Maxey noted, “During her interview, Alexa Hardin came in with a strong 30-60-90 day plan for Clearfield Elementary School.  She has studied the test scores for the school and I believe that she is ready to hit the ground running, moving the school and its students forward.”




When Dr. Joseph Harris left Rowan County Middle School as its Assistant Principal for a principal position in another school district, Supt. John Maxey and RCMS Principal Jay Padula knew that Dr. Harris left some big shoes to fill.  After a number of interviews with several qualified candidates conducted by the RCMS Site-Based Decision-Making Council, Rowan County Schools is pleased to announce that Mr. Charles Clark will be joining Rowan County Middle Schools as its new second-in-command.


Mr. Clark comes to the Rowan County School District from Carter County Schools where he served as the assistant principal at West Carter Middle School for the past four years.


When asked about his position at Rowan County Middle School, Mr. Clark stated, “I am absolutely thrilled to be able to work with such a wonderful staff, and district family at Rowan County Schools.  I have no doubt that working within our building at Rowan County Middle School and with the district staff that we will continue to help make great things happen for our students.”


He then spoke of his administrative style, saying, “I believe in fairness and equity for all students and faculty.  I am a strong disciplinarian and have zero tolerance for bullying, disruption of classroom instruction or disrespect of faculty or staff.”


“Chuck (Mr. Clark) has already hit the ground running,” stated Jay Padula.  “He’s been in the office with me all day and we’ve made some exciting plans for the upcoming school year.”


Supt. John Maxey congratulated Mr. Clark and remarked, “Mr. Clark has done some exciting things in Carter County and I believe that we will see that same level of enthusiasm in his role as Asst. Principal at Rowan County Middle School.”


Supt. Maxey then added, “When we bring in new teachers or new administrators to our District, we make sure that they understand what our Mission statement is and what we expect from them to fulfill that mission.  We expect nothing but the best for our students and their families.”




Nicole Powell, who had been guidance counselor at McBrayer Elementary School, will move to Rowan County Middle School to fill the void left by the retirement of Cheryl Plank, who was one of two guidance counselors at Rowan County Middle School.


“I spent almost 20 years working with the elementary-level students at McBrayer Elementary,” stated Mrs. Powell.  “This will be a new challenge for me to work with the middle school-level students, but it is a challenge that I am looking forward to.”


RCMS Principal Jay Padula added, “We think that Nicole Powell is going to be a great fit for the RCMS family and we are looking forward to working with her.”




With the retirement of Mike Mathews as the Director of Federal Programs for the Rowan County Schools, it was important to find someone who could fill his shoes and continue his work.  To that end, Rhonda Banks, who had been principal at McBrayer Elementary School, has moved to Rowan County Schools Central Office to become the new Director of Federal Programs, which includes Title I programs.


“This will be a new experience for me, but one that I am looking forward to,” stated Mrs. Banks.


Mike Mathews will be working closely with Mrs. Banks to give her a greater understanding of the requirements that her new position necessitates.  In her position, Mrs. Banks will be working with all schools across the District, ensuring that each school follows the guidelines set by the federal programs.

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