Calendar Options

Last Updated: 1/15/2021 10:01 PM

The Calendar Committee is seeking your input into a calendar template that can be used from year to year with only minor date changes based on the way the calendar dates fall.  Please review the two calendars which have been designed using suggestions made from past surveys.  The committee will use the results of the survey to make a calendar that will be presented to the board at their February meeting along with a second option as per regulations regarding calendar development. 


NOTE:  Barring an emergency, the superintendent may request a maximum of ten (10) NTI days.  These days require a separate submission and are not a part of the actual calendar.   Because of the statute regarding “make up days”, we still must include them in the calendar development even if we think that we will be requesting NTI days. 


Please answer the following questions based on the two attached calendars.