Professional Development

Lucy Moore
Professional Dev. Coordinator

Our Rowan County certified staff complete 24 hours of professional development throughout the school year plus an additional 24 hours of either professional development or work time (after school hours) for a total of 48 hours of contracted time.  The District Professional Development Committee is made up of a staff member from each of the schools and meets to develop each school plan based on their annual needs assessment.  Their school PD plan for the following year is given to the certified staff prior to the end of the current school year so that staff has time to plan their calendars for the following year.  While the plans are updated periodically as other needs may arise, attached is the current district PD plan for the 2017-2018 school year.
District Professional Development Committee:
Shirley Anderson – Preschool
Ginny Laux – Clearfield Elementary
Rhonda Banks – McBrayer Elementary
Kate Ritchie – Rodburn Elementary
Brandy Breeze – Tilden Hogge Elementary
Joe Harris – Rowan County Middle School
Brandy Carver – Rowan County Senior High School
Lucy Moore
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