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Contact Info:

Greg Hignite
Rowan County Middle School
8th Grade Science teacher

Parents and Students;

Welcome to my homepage!

Please check your google classroom for the most recent, relevant information about your class. For the new set of STEM classes in 2021. Please join with the following codes;

6th grade STEM (2nd period)  ze5qzl3

8th grade STEM (6th period)   z5ersp6

Click on the tabs to the left and they will take you the the subject pages I have developed.

Class Description

This year I will be teaching 8th Grade Science and 2nd and 6th period STEM. We begin in person classes on January 11th on an A-B rotation. "A" Students come in person on Monday and Tuesday. "B" Students come on Thursday and Friday. The remaining three days will be done in google classroom.

If you need to contact me, my email is;