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Jo Allison Slone
Rowan Co. Middle School
555 Viking Dr.
Morehead, Ky. 40351

Special Education Teacher
606-784-8911 Ext 3759 (W)

18 years experience with a Master's Degree and a Rank I degree of higher education from Morehead State University

KYREADS Founding Member

July, 2008- December 11, 2017 SBDM Teacher Representative Council Member

Team Leader

Schools To Watch Leadership Team Member

Ky. State Department of Education Dyslexia Task Force Team Member

2015-2017 Hope Street Group Kentucky State Teacher Fellow

Education Consultant for Miss Kentucky 2015, Clark Davis

Dyslexia Education Consultant

Teach to Lead Summit Team Leader - Long Beach, California, September 23-25, 2016




My NEW schedule starting January 2, 2018.


1st period - Planning

2nd period - Collaboration with Mrs. Fannin and Mrs. Adkins, 6th grade math

3rd period - Collaboration with Mrs. Gillespie, 7th grade math

4th period - Collaboration with Mrs. Rowland, 7th grade social studies

5th period - Viking Succeess; social skills with two students PLUS modifications/accommodations/specially designed instruction for caseload and collaboration students

6th period - Collaboration with Mr. Hood, 6th grade social studies



Welcome to my Classroom page.  I am Allison Slone. I have been a special needs teacher for about eighteen years at Rowan County Middle School. I came to Morehead State University as an eighteen year old from Knott Co., Ky. and I never went back. I love this town, its people, and its community. I am dedicated professional, who takes her job and her students seriously.


I am an advocate for children, all children. I travel the state and across the nation to design plans, train other teachers, lead teachers and work with law makers to make positive change in the world of education. The areas I am most passionate about are dyslexia, autism, sensory processing disorder, student voice, and teacher leadership.



If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at work 606-784-8911 ext 3759 during school hours.

                            Social Skills Class                                  


This week's topics: (January 2-5, 2018)


Slam Dunk Perspective Taking

Social Language Activity

This week's lessons focus on teaching identifying emotions, perspective taking and social problem solving using social scenarios. Students are asked to define other's emotions or thoughts in a basketball themed activity.

Day 1: Watch Pepsi Kyle Irving video: Dr Drew Part 2


* prior to the video have students brainstorm expected and unexpected behaviors to see at a sporting event.


Day 2-5:

* demonstrate the basketball social skills game

* provide students with basketball and referee cards

* play for five minutes each day (set timer); keep score












Calming the Angry Child


When a child is upset and his/her anger is escalating, you need an arsenal of strategies. There are many strategies that can help a child de-escalate without having to resort to extreme measures. 


  • Lifting heaving objects (have the child take a stack of books to the teacher next door or to the office)
  • Take a walk
  • Pace in the back of the room
  • Run laps in the gym
  • Run an errand
  • Exercise bands
  • Headphones or ear buds when noises are bothering a child
  • Piece of Velcro under the desk for the child to touch
  • Any kind of movement
  • A snack (protein based is best)
  • Visual cues (stop signs, visual timers, color coded signals, etc)
  • Drink of water
  • Counting
  • Drawing
  • Designate a quiet /cool off spot
  • A fidget…if they are not prone to throwing things
  • Music
  • Turning the lights down or off





Ten things NOT TO DO!


  1. Do not engage in a power struggle…you will not win.
  2. Do not react out of pure emotions…step out of the situation and ask for assistance.
  3. Do not assume you know everything…our students are mini-human beings, they have worries, problems, and struggles that we often have no clue about.
  4. Do not try to reason with them…an angry person is not thinking reasonably, therefore can’t be reasoned with.
  5. Do not make rash decisions…its always best to wait until the situation has calmed down or assistance has arrived, before issuing ultimatums.
  6. Do not waffle, do not waiver, do not hesitate, do not give in…once you have made your decision regarding consequences/punishment, do not get sucked in by guilt, remorse, or by their pity.
  7. Do not make exceptions for a child’s behavior…consistency is the key to success.
  8. Do not ignore, overlook, or deny a child’s cry for help…most kids who have severe anger issues are in need for acceptance, problem solving skills, and social skills. 
  9. Do not forget the end results…know what you want the outcome to be and base your decisions on what you are aiming to achieve.
  10. Do NOT blame yourself…holding yourself hostage to guilt, remorse, or any other vile emotion will not help your child or your situation.  BE THE ADULT!




Watch this very good informational video on Advice for Middle School Students. Includes topics such as, organization, bullies, etc.




 We often use a series of social skills videos from  Feel free to check out the webpage.




I should just start sending this to people when they ask me what The symptoms of ADHD are / what it's like to have it / how it affects my life.  This is me in a nutshell.  Makes you wonder how much of my personality is my actual personality and how much is from the disorder... Or is it my personality because the disorder makes me who I am... This is a Q for psych majors...



SPD....very interesting

Using Team Work to get the job done....Together We Can Succeed!!!!!  Watch this video.





Birds on a Wire...cute Pixar animated short about treating others with respect and that there are consequences when we do not.






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