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Please Scroll to bottom.  I'm going to try to keep it in order.


If you don't have internet access all the time just try to draw at lest one picture a day.

Students. This is a fun website. You can play art games and create art.  Just go to address below.

Please Draw a picture of your shoe today.  Add all details.


This is a cool site to create a picasso head.

Please draw a face today it does not have to be realistic.


One of the artist that we study is Degas. Please go to website and read about Degas and look at his art..

Draw a picture of a dancer.



Create an original work of art depicting a scene from the story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Check out this web site.



One of the big things we learn to do in art is to learn about the elements of art.  The 7 elements of art all work together to create art.  

Here is a youtube video that explains the elements.

After the video try to draw an example of each element.  If you dont have anything to color with you can skip color.

Have a great day.



Have fun creating this abstract drawing.


 Today's challenge is to find an object around your house and sit it in front of you and draw it using shading. Please watch the youtube video before you start.

If any of you would like to share your work please send it to my email.


 Today's lesson is a fun drawing using lines.  If you dont have color pencils or crayons just use a pencil.


Start by drawing a curved line across the paper with a Sharpie marker.  Think rolling hill… not roller coaster!

Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 1.

Add 8 dots across the line.

They should be different lengths apart.

You need a dot close to the edges of your paper.

Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 2.

Start connecting the dots with bumps.

The lines from the dots close to the edge will go off the edge of the paper to an imaginary dot.

Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 3.

The lines will eventually go off the top and bottom of the paper .

Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 4.

Fill the whole paper.

Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 5.

Pick a group of colors you feel work well together (2 or 3).

Using pencil crayons, fill in the spaces. Press harder in the corners. As you get near the top of each bump, press lighter and lighter.

Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 6.

Continue until the work is complete.

Op Art Shaded Shapes - Step 7.

Op Art Shaded Shapes - Examples.




Produce a transformation drawing, as in this example by Art and Design student Hanna:

metamorphosis transformation drawing

Create a drawing of you transforming into an animal.

Start out by doing a  drawing of your face..( Add shading)  You can take a selfie with a phone or look in a mirror. Have in mind what animal you would like to me.

In drawing number 2 start to add some features of the animal like the ears and start to change the shape a little.

In drawing number 3 it should look more like the animal but should still have your eyes and may be the nose.

In the last drawing it should look like the animal.

Now lay all the drawings together and see the transformation.

Have a great day! See you tomorrow.


! Ms. Clay our student teacher has made a lessons and video for you all.

It's a great lesson I hope you watch the youtube video as well.  She has a great dog.



Mixed Media School Supplies Project

Watch this Video:

Medium: any material used to create art such as a graphite pencil, oil paint, ink pen, pastels, and more. For example, this is a horse I drew using only graphite pencils.
















As I find new resources I will share them with you.  The following web site combines art with science. Check it out.


Today's lesson will be a little different. Remember if you have all the materials to do this lesson great but if not you can always change it to meet what you do have.

Today you will create a diorama that describes your  life, hobbies, likes, dislikes.

So before we begin watch the video link to see what a diorama is

- create a diorama using 3D objects, drawing, painting, magazine cutouts, etc.

-The diorama should showcase your personality and likes/dislikes in life.

- think about your favorite things, activities, hobbies, and subjects.

- list these things on paper if desired.

If you can please email me a picture of your work if you can. I would love to see what your working on.



One of my favorite things to draw are trees.  Please watch the youtube video link.

Once you learn some of the basics.  Go outside or look out the window and find a tree to look at and draw.  If you dont have any trees you can look some up on google to look at.

Since next week is spring break there will be no lessons posted but I would like to challenge you to draw from real life.  Look around and find something you like and sit in front of it and drawing it.  Could be a tree, your house, barn, rock or what ever you would like.

Have a safe and great break.








Here is the next video.  It's about drawing 3-d shapes. including cylinders.

Click on Lesson 2.

Remember to send me an email of your artwork I would love to see it.

*****While i was doing some of my school work ( yes teachers still have to do work as well ) I found some info on relative height. Please go to the link and read about it.



Good Morning RCMS

Here is a painting that I am working on.  It is an Amish farm behind my house.  If you looked at the website on relative height yesterday I will show you how I used it in my painting.  Look at the fence post.  See that the first post is much larger than the post at the barn.  This is also called perspective. It shows depth or distance.


Ok, i have another great lesson from Ms. Clay.  It incorporates art and science.   It's takes me a couple of hours or so to get everything uploaded but here is page one.  You can go ahead and watch her youtube video. I will continue loading more pages.





Good luck. This is  great lesson I would like to thank Ms.Clay.  Once again if you would like to share your work please email me and I will forward it to her as well.



I hope you had fun working on Ms. Clay's lesson .  Today we will continue with the drawing bootcamp website. Today will be lesson 3.  It's about learning and creating values.  The number one thing in my mind  to make your drawings look more realistic or 3-d is values.  This lesson will help you with that.

Lesson # 3

Good Friday Morning,  I internet has been out all morning till now.  Sorry about that.  

Today's lesson is how to draw a paint brush. Still using values.  ( light and dark ) If you have a white charcoal pencil you will need it today.

lessons 4 today


Well, I hope you had the time to participate in the drawing boot camp video.  Today is the last in the series. Today you will finish the paint brush.  Be sure to take notice of the highlights and shadows.

After seeing a lot of sidewalk art on the news I thought I would a site where you can see some public art ( murals ).  If you have a side walk or drive way you might want to try to create a mural.  It could be about anything. Please take a look at the site below. If you do create a mural please  send me a picture of it.





Also… making art is a non-medicinal way to stimulate dopamine – the chemical associated with the reward center in your brain. Increased levels of dopamine make us feel happy and relaxed, which is what all of us really need right now, more than ever.

Research shows that drawing, coloring, and other fine motor activities help to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and calm the fight or flight response, easing stress and unleashing creativity. Seriously. Painting pictures, dancing, knitting, sewing, baking cakes… all have positive benefits for mental health.

Today's art lesson is to just doodle.  It could be flowers, super hero, or 1000 things you may like.  





Todays lesson is a great drawing tool.  You can train your eye and hand to work together.



Blind contour drawing is an excellent way to train the eye to draw what it really sees rather than what it thinks it sees.




When making a blind contour drawing, the eye is not watching the hand as it draws on the paper.

Blind contour drawing is an excellent way to train the eye to draw what it really sees rather than what it thinks it sees.

The first contour drawings you do will look, well, funny. However, with practice, you will find that you will be able to accurately record an image on paper without looking at your hand as it draws!

It is a great warm-up drawing activity for any age group.


What You Need:


  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • Everyday Objects (shoes, plants, desks, pencils, people, etc.)


What You Do:


  1. Choose an object to draw (a door, a book, shoes, window, plant etc.).
  2. Pick a point on the object where the eye can begin its slow journey around the contour or edge of the object. Remember, the eye is like a snail, barely crawling as it begins its journey

Have fun.




Good Friday Morning, Hope everyone had a great week.  Today's lesson will be a landscape.  It's shows a lot of space and values.  This image is what we call a birds eye view.  The drawing looks like your looking down at it.  Take your time and follow along.  Pause the video as you go so you don't have to  rush.  Try to put the lines in the same area on your paper as they look on the screen.



Todays lesson is about feelings.  Artists have always created art from some type of emotions.  .Please  create a drawing that shows a feeling. Happy, sad, or angry.  It could be any way your feeling.



Here is a cool video on how to draw a chinese dragon  head.



.  Todays lesson is something we have not really done.  Your going to work from dark to light.  Your eraser will become your pencil.  To know what I mean view the lesson below.



Drawing reflections can be great fun.  This lessons is about creating reflections in water.

Read the page and follow the video.



Today's lessons  is pretty fun and you can be very creative with it.

Look at the image. They used the words to create the image.  The word pine for the pineapple crown and the word apple for the body of the pineapple.  You may choose any object to create your drawing. You can use pencil or color pencil.  Be sure to use shading where you can.  Have Fun!!!



We have worked on a lot of the elements of art. ( Line, shape, form, texture, space, values)

Today's lesson is always fun. Doodle's!! Watch the video link below.  When you create your doodles remember to use any of the elements you have learned already.


How to draw a glass of water.  We will continue with are study of reflections.


How to Draw a Glass of Water

Go to link and watch the video.  You can use this picture or set up a glass of water your self and look at it.









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