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SBDM Frequent Asked Questions about the Councils Role in School Improvement


51. What must be included in the school improvement plan?

The school council is responsible for the content of the school improvement plan. However, school councils should follow the specifics of the district’s planning policies, including details regarding format, timelines and cycles. The legal basis for planning should be incorporated into the district’s planning policy and procedures.

For Title I schools that are in improvement, corrective action or restructuring status, the school council must include as part of its planning process the requirements based on school status. This may include Title I professional development fund set-aside, intensive district interventions and creating and implementing a restructuring plan that may include alternate school governance

52. What is the school council’s responsibility for setting achievement gap targets?

By November 1 of each year, the school council must receive achievement data from KDE and the district. The school council, with the superintendent, will set biennial targets for each school for reducing the identified achievement gaps. Each year, the school council must review these targets and include them as part of the improvement planning process, setting a timetable for eliminating the achievement gaps.

The improvement plan should include:

• curriculum alignment

• evaluation and assessment strategies

• professional development

• parental involvement

• attendance improvement and dropout prevention

• technical assistance needed

If the district determines that the school is not meeting its achievement gap target, then the school improvement plan must be submitted to the superintendent for approval.

53. Must school plans be available for public review every year after revisions?

The principal must conduct a public meeting to present the school improvement plan prior to submitting to the district or superintendent for review and approval. These public meetings can be in conjunction with other school council meetings or as special-called meetings.

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